Client FAQs

How do I create an Instructrr Live account?

Creating an account is quick & easy! Go to > For Clients > Find Classes > Select the class you want > Register > Choose Facebook/Google/Email > For email - use valid email address and Password - must contain 6 characters, 1 capital letter, and 1 special character (!, @, #, $, %, or &).

You can also go to > Find Classes > Select the class you want > Register > Choose Facebook/Google/Email > For email - use valid email address and Password - must contain 6 characters, 1 capital letter, and 1 special character (!, @, #, $, %, or &).

How do I complete my registration?

First and Last name are required fields. Optional information includes: birthday, mobile phone #, emergency contact, emergency contact phone #. You must agree to the Instructrr Live Terms & Condition, Privacy Policy, and Waiver to proceed to Class Booking.

How do I find classes?

After registering, click on Find Classes in the top navigation. All available classes will automatically be displayed or you can search by Class Type (e.g. Yoga, Barre, Cycling, etc.) to find an exercise modality of your choice.

How do I book classes?

Select class > review class and instructor details > when ready, click on Book Class (price will always be show) > if no payment on file, select Pay With (drop down arrow) > add new credit card info > Name on card > card # > Expiration date > CVC > Save. NOTE: Instructrr Live DOES NOT store your credit card information. Rather, we use Stripe, one of the foremost digital payment processing companies in the world. They also work with Amazon, Google, and Zoom.

How do I purchase classes?

Choose Payment Option > Credit Card (Last 4 digits shown) > OR Enter Promo Code > OR Replace existing Credit Card with new Credit Card. Once payment option is selected, click on Book Now and class is purchased.

How do I find my purchased classes?

All purchased classes will show in the My Classes in the site navigation. You will see 3 options: LIVE (happening now), Upcoming (happening soon), Past (every class you’ve taken to date)

How do I join a class?

Once your class is booked and paid for, you will be able to enter your instructor’s virtual studio 15 mins before the start of your class. Log into your account > My Classes > Click on Booked Class tile > Click on Launch Virtual Studio > Click on Enter Studio to go live.

Using the correct browser is critical to ensure that Instructrr Live runs properly:

Mac/PC Laptop = Chrome

Android phone = Chrome

iPhone/iPad = Safari

How do I set up my device for the Virtual Studio?

Camera: the camera icon allows you to: Camera On: a) everyone in the class can see you b) Camo Mode: only the instructor can see you - class participants cannot see you c) No One: your camera is off and no one can see you.

Speaker: Please MUTE yourself (mic icon is red) so that you don’t disturb the other class members. If you need something from your instructor - UNMUTE yourself to speak. Remember to MUTE your mic before returning to the class.

How do I get the most out of my live fitness experience?

POWER-UP: Make sure your device (laptop, phone, tablet) is plugged into a power source

STRONG WI-FI: Having a strong connection is key to a great class experience. Try to find a location in your home with reliable signal strength

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Good lighting is important so that your instructor can see you and provide you with coaching feedback. It also helps to have your camera on so that your instructor can see you in action.

How do I make changes to my Account?

Under the Account tab you’ll discover helpful information like your:

User Profile: you can customize your experience by adding your photo, birth date, mobile phone, Emergency Contact and Phone.

Payment Settings: current credit card is shown as well as the ability to replace card on file with a new credit card.

Payment History: Review your credit card transaction history.

Help: Review all FAQs and email us at for any questions you may have.

Reset Password: Make changes to your current password and update it with a new password.

Log Out: Sign out of your Instructrr Live account and log back in.

Still have questions?

Email us at: we typically respond within 1 - 2 days.